5 Signs You Are Overworked

BRAND’S® Article - 5 signs you are overworked

In fast-paced Singapore, multitasking is a common feature of daily life. However, things can get overwhelming at times and result in burnout. That’s why it’s important to recognise the signs that you're approaching your limit, so that you can quickly take steps to prevent a mental or physical collapse.

1. Your mind is buzzing even during bedtime

You've had a long day and are in need of some quality sleep. But as you lie in bed, your mind wanders off and starts going over the outstanding tasks that you have on hand. To make matters worse, the more you worry about not getting enough sleep, the more difficult it is for you to fall asleep. Before you know it, the alarm rings and it’s time to pry yourself out of bed.

To break this vicious cycle, get away from your computer or smartphone and engage in a relaxing activity at least 30 minutes before bedtime. It can be as simple as sipping a soothing cup of chamomile tea, reading a book or taking a warm bath. Creating a to-do list can also help to put your mind at ease, so you can rest well knowing that you’re prepared for the next day.

2. Your memory is failing

You can't remember where you placed your keys or when you last spoke to someone, let alone what the conversation was about. If these little memory loss incidents are happening more frequently than normal, it could be a sign of a fatigued brain. When your brain is overworked, your ability to remember recent events can be affected.

3. You’ve become immune to caffeine

Many people rely on a cup or two of coffee to get through the day. But if you find yourself knocking back a fifth cup without experiencing the boost that you need, it may be time to stop. An exhausted body can sometimes be unable to respond to caffeine.

The good news is, a cuppa isn’t your only salvation. Keep yourself going with an energetic playlist or step outside for a short walk. You can reward yourself with at least three breaks throughout the day, so that your brain can rest and recharge in between tasks.

4. You no longer feel refreshed after exercising

A session at the gym or a short outdoor run would normally make you feel energised. But lately, exercise only seems to wear you out even more. This is because your tired body isn’t able to cope with the additional burden.

As an alternative, try a less strenuous form of physical activity such as yoga or pilates. This will allow you to still keep fit without straining your body.

5. You’re easily irritated

Everybody has a bad day sometimes. However, when you are overworked and have insufficient sleep, you may find yourself losing your temper more easily than usual.

Even a nearby colleague tearing open a bag of chips can greatly annoy you. To stay in control of your emotions, ensure that you get plenty of rest as well as downtime. Sleep well and go on a short getaway every now and then to unwind and reset yourself.

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