No of pax: 4
Total time: 1 hour


• 1 packet of pre-pack herbal chicken herbs.
• 5 red dates
• 1.3kg young chicken, remove all innards, rinsed and pat dry.
• 20g dried longans and soak in warm water
• 3 Chinese mushrooms, soaked in warm water for 2 hrs. Remove the stem and squeeze out the water.
• 2 tbsp shao xing wine
• 1 tbsp salt
• 1 tbsp white pepper
• 400ml chicken stock
• 1 bottle of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken
• 5 ginger, remove skin and cut into thin slices

How to prepare

Step 1: Prepare and cook the dish
• Rub shaoxing wine, salt and pepper onto the chicken. Set aside.
• Soak the herbs (excluding the longan) in hot water, set aside for 30 mins.
• Place a large piece of aluminum foil on the steamer tray, followed by a piece of baking sheet.
• Place the chicken in the middle of the wrap. Stuff some herbs into the chicken. Spread the balanced, longan, ginger and mushroom around the chicken.
• Pour in the chicken stock onto the chicken. Wrap and conceal the chicken.
• Heat up the steamer. When it is boiling, place the wrapped chicken and steam for 45 mins. Unwrapped and check whether the chicken is cooked. If it is not ready, cook for another 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the heat simmer the chicken

Step 2: Unwrap the chicken and ready to serve
• Serve while the chicken is still hot.
• Unwrap and pour in a bottle of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken