• 1 bottle BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken (68ml)
• 60g of chicken meat
• A little sugar
• A little light soya sauce
• 4 pcs of prawns
• 4 pcs of fish fillets
• 4 pcs of fresh mushroom
• 3 pcs of eggs
• 3 bowls of water
• 4 slices of lemon skin (small slices)
• Spinach (cut into short lengths after being cooked in boiling water)

How to prepare

1. Cut chicken meat in small pieces and season it with sugar and light soya sauce for a while.
2. Remove the prawn shell, leaving its head and tail intact.
3. Break eggs in a bowl, add in one bottle of 68ml BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken and 3 bowls of water and beat evenly.
4. Divide ingredients into 4 equal portions to be put into tea bowls.
5. Fill in the egg mixture till about 80 percent full.
6. Remove foam.
7. Transfer tea bowls into a food steamer over boiling water.
8. Switch to weak flame to continue steaming for about 15 minutes (Control of the flame is very important).
9. Add in spinach and lemon skin as topping before serving.