5 Quick Fixes to Regain Focus and Concentration

BRAND’S® Article - 5 Quick Fixes to Regain Focus and Concentration

In today’s fast-paced world, emails, texts, the Internet and social media inundate our daily lives. With a plethora of things to do or reply to at the same time, many of us often end up multitasking. However, this overload of tasks causes unnecessary distractions. Eventually, we make it hard on ourselves to focus on just doing one thing at a time.

Truth be told, how well we keep focus determines how successful we’ll be in completing tasks or what we set out to achieve. So, how do you stay focused and productive in the age of distractions? Here are 5 quick ways to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

1. Eliminate distractions

First things first – keep distractions at bay. If you’re at work, persistent emails and casual conversations with colleagues can distract you from the real work that needs your attention. Worse, if you’re a fond user of the Internet and social media, you may end up wasting precious time just scrolling away. Studies have shown that when you’re distracted, it can take you up to 21 minutes to regain your focus.

So, start training yourself to be oblivious to everything around you if you want to stay focused. Keep unnecessary work conversations for lunchtime chatter. Check and reply to emails only at certain intervals so you can concentrate on completing tasks. And put your phone on ‘silent’ or check it only when there’s an incoming call.

2. Plan your day

Make it a habit to plan ahead of time what you intend to accomplish for the day. It’s best to do this at the start of the day or the night before. Create a to-do list for every hour of that work day. If meetings or unforeseen events get in the way, try to keep meeting objectives or resolutions clear so you can save time.

3. Have a break

Sometimes your mind can’t help but wander off. If you find your attention span fading, it’s best to take a short break. Go out for some fresh air or even for a stroll. It may help you to regain your focus.

4. Eat brain-healthy food

Sometimes losing focus could be due to your energy levels waning. If you find yourself getting listless, munch on a quick snack. But be sure to eat something healthy that can help you regain your energy. Consume nuts such as walnuts and almonds, or fruits such as blueberries which are high in antioxidants. You may also want to try dark chocolate, which contains brain-boosting flavonols. Or if you prefer a nourishing drink, chug a bottle of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken that helps to ensure a healthy body and a sharp mind.

5. Find your sound zen

If you’re one of those people who find it difficult to concentrate because it’s too noisy, find a quiet spot that can help you keep focused. Or listen to tunes that are soothing such as classical symphonies, often cited as brain-boosting music. It’ easy to put together a playlist via online music streaming platforms.