• 4 bottles of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar (68ml)
• 30g of white fungus (soaked)
• 6 pcs of chinese red dates (pitted)
• ½ Egg white

How to prepare

1. Soak dried fungus until it is fully bloomed.
2. Cut the white fungus to bite-sized.
3. Add 30g of white fungus, 6 pcs of pitted Chinese red dates and four bottles of 68ml BRAND’S® Bird’s Next with Rock Sugar to the ceramic double boiler.
4. Double boil* for 20 minutes.
5. Remove the double boiler’s lid and add in egg white.
6. Gently stir.
7. Serve hot or cold.

*double boil: submerge the ceramic jar into a pot of boiling water