Smart Shopper Scheme

What is the Smart Shopper Scheme?

Our Smart Shopper Scheme is a special subscription service that allows you to set up recurring deliveries for your order. Each order value must be at least $160.

Designed to provide better convenience, savings and exclusive rewards to our BRAND’S® World members, the Smart Shopper Scheme enables you to place your order without logging in every time you make a purchase.

Instead, the transaction is processed automatically based on how frequent you would like BRAND’S® to be delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, every order rewards you with a further rebate of up to 25% in your subsequent order.

What are the payment and delivery methods?

Payment is by Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) only. You are entitled to free delivery for all your orders placed under the Smart Shopper Scheme.

How do I sign up for the Smart Shopper Scheme?

Simply add your favourite BRAND’S® products to the shopping cart, select [Subscribe to Smart Shopper Scheme] and complete the order process. So, do sign up now to enjoy great savings and convenience!