Fuel A Better Me | The Paranjothy Sisters

Sparking a Conversation on Periods

They’re young, bold and the definition of girl power. In 2015, Joanne, Rebecca and Vanessa Paranjothy founded Freedom Cups, a Singapore-based, socially driven business that makes menstrual cups available to underprivileged women.

Freedom Cups was set up with a “buy one, give one” model, and as such, the trio works hard to drive sales, while also spearheading outreach programmes in countries, such as the Philippines, to educate women about menstrual cups. However, after two years of hard work, they believe that their mission goes beyond simply selling, distributing or even educating.

In the beginning, the Paranjothy sisters faced difficulty in raising awareness, as many felt menstruation was an inappropriate topic to discuss in public.

While receptiveness has improved over time, the sisters have realised that there is a real need for a conversation, one that empowers women from all walks of life to face their periods and bodies head on.

This only motivates them to work harder and reach higher, as their ultimate goal is to change perceptions about periods and menstrual cups, so as to help those in need. For these three remarkable women, the journey has only just begun, and they continue to be driven by “the two billion women across the globe who have no access to any form of sanitation.”