Fuel A Better Me | Nicholas Goh

Being a Social Entrepreneur

It was just five years ago when Nicholas Goh first ventured into Cambodia with a mission to protect food security, manage waste and provide livelihood for local farmers. Today, his company, TwinAgri, produces about 800,000kg of organic fertiliser a month while also providing agriculture-related jobs and training sessions.

While TwinAgri has found success in recent years, the journey was, and continues to be, filled with ups and downs. Upon launching in Cambodia, Nicholas found himself battling natural, cultural and language barriers, having to start from scratch in a rural, foreign environment. Currently, Nicholas continues to travel between Cambodia and Singapore, living in each country for one month at a time. While this takes a toll on his physical and mental strength, Nicholas finds fuel in the support of his loved ones, as well as his determination to make a difference socially and environmentally.

“I told myself in order to succeed, certain sacrifices have to be made. I don’t think that success comes easy and how I deal with it is just to bite the bullet and persevere on.” As Nicholas continues to work towards his goal, he’s driven by his passion and determination to finish what he has started, bringing him one step closer to becoming a better version of himself along the way.