Fuel A Better Me | Maxi Lim

An Actor with a Fighting Spirit

Maxi Lim may be best recognised as “Wayang King” or “Aloysius Jin” from Jack Neo’s “Ah Boys to Men” film series, but what many don’t know is that before his big break, he almost gave up pursuing his acting career.

He was fresh out of army when he decided to give up a degree in filmmaking to follow his passion for acting, a path that’s proved to be challenging for many aspiring actors in Singapore. In the pursuit of his goal, Maxi had to juggle countless auditions, along with mounting pressure from his family to find a job with a steady income. Having faced multiple rejections, he decided to press on and give himself one, final shot with ‘Ah Boys to Men,” and this decision has since shaped his career.

Appearing on the big screen has not only motivated Maxi to grow in his acting, but it has also inspired him to reach out to his audience through his work.

On a personal, professional level, Maxi hopes to utilise his skills in Mixed Martial Arts to showcase his versatility as an action actor. But, above all, he’s fuelled to be a voice for the vulnerable. In acting, Maxi hopes to bring to light important lessons and issues that his viewers and fans can relate to and learn from, such as the topic of bullying.