Fuel A Better Me | Rachel Lim

Empowering women’s confidence by educating them to dress well and right: That’s the ethos of homegrown retailer Love, Bonito.

Founded in 2010, one of Love, Bonito’s co-founders, Rachel Lim, dropped out of school to pursue her passion of setting up an e-commerce store. Since then, the shared love of fashion has grown Love, Bonito into a brand that helps women discover confidence, no matter their age, body shape and type.

What truly fuels her passion? It’s the goal to reach her fullest potential in terms of personal growth and help women reach theirs too. However, all these come with lots of setbacks and obstacles and the road Rachel took was definitely not an easy one. Battling her mental state was one of the biggest challenges that she has faced in terms of self- doubt and negative thoughts. How she overcomes these fears was to discover the power of the mind and self-belief in which if she believes in something and put her mind and heart to a challenge, she can overcome it.

The hard work that Rachel puts into the brand in its formative years is reflective of the values of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken’s Fuel a Better Me series, one that explores the stories of millenials who give their all to pursue their passion and help build others in the process. Through this, they become better versions of themselves.

BRAND'S® Fuel a Better Me series features Singaporean millennials who go above and beyond to pursue something that is meaningful and close to their hearts. The act of pursing their passion and giving back to the community fuels their sense of purpose as they chartered on un-ventured territories and overcome setbacks. What fuels a better you? Share with us your story today by using #fuelabetterme on Facebook and Instagram.