Fuel A Better Me | Kendra Liew

Making Skincare Better for Everyone

Kendra Liew’s story began in 2014, when she saw that the Singaporean market lacked organic skincare products at a reasonable price. “In Singapore, nobody in their right mind would want to give up a, respectable, stable job like being a lawyer to venture into the unknown.” Yet, that’s exactly what she decided to do.

Kendra practiced as a divorce and civil litigator for three years before deciding to start Katfood, her own organic skincare line. As she grew up experimenting and creating her own skincare products, Kendra felt confident in building her startup, despite having minimal support and no business experience. At the beginning, she had no choice but to learn on the go, as Katfood was a one-woman show.

While the journey hasn’t been easy, Kendra has always been motivated to help people, which is why she wanted to become a lawyer in the first place.

Today, she has found her fuel in running a business that’s environmentally friendly, and gives back to society by educating consumers on what skincare products are natural and good for their overall health.