Fuss-free, healthy living with Jade Seah

“Taking BRAND'S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract regularly helps my liver to cope with the demands of my lifestyle.”

Always staying cool and camera-ready is all in a day’s work for television host and Instagram star Jade Seah. Instead of adding complicated wellness routines to her already hectic schedule, Jade opts to keep things simple and convenient.

Her practical approach towards a healthy lifestyle means taking steps to protect her health, without depriving herself of her favourite food and drinks. Apart from exercise which Jade makes it a point to do every day, she also takes BRAND’S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract to keep her liver in good health.

The scientifically proven supplement works by helping to promote liver detoxification and support vital liver functions, through the antioxidant Sesamin and the medicinal berry Schisandra.

Such a supplement is important for purging the liver of toxins, especially since Jade enjoys hawker fare and the occasional drink, lacks sufficient sleep and leads an active lifestyle.

Written in collaboration with Honeycombers.

Getting Ready For A Day Out With Jade Seah-02
Getting Ready For A Day Out With Jade Seah-03

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