How to Help Your Kid Battle Exam Stress

BRAND’S® Article - How to Help Your Kid Battle Exam Stress

Exams can be a stressful time for kids. And the tell-tale signs can range from them feeling moody, being social withdrawn to having trouble concentrating. If you are a parent, you can help to lessen the exam stress of your child through communicating openly, being tough and providing the right nourishment. Here are some tips to start you off!

1. Let’s talk about stress

Kids often struggle to understand their feelings let alone express their emotions. They can be much less aware when it comes to experiencing stress. Help your child to identify the reasons behind his or her anxieties. The next time you recognise stress in your child, try talking about his or her feelings, and how to overcome them in a positive manner.

2. Listen and respond positively

When you get a response like, “I am not good at Maths”, encourage your child to reflect and discuss about his or her uncertainties or inabilities. Try asking why he or she feels inadequate and what he or she can do to perform better. Help your child through this and cheer him or her on when the going gets tough. The last thing you want to do is chide your child for not having done enough or compare him or her with other kids.

3. Limit screen time

Too much screen time is bad for kids. Overstimulation affects their ability to focus for prolonged periods. It also hinders them from doing other important things, such as homework or house chores. As a result, kids may sacrifice sleep in order to complete tasks. However, you do not have to completely cut technology out of your child’s life. Instead, use screen time as a reward for his or her good behaviour, and limit it to a few hours a day.

4. Take care of their overall development

Ensure your kid has a balanced diet, complete with good carbohydrate for energy, protein for growth, and vitamins to support various bodily functions and development. Supplements can also help to boost your child’s cognitive development, such as essence of chicken which is rich in protein, peptides and amino acids to support mental alertness, concentration and energy levels.

5. Create a study plan

Space out your child’s study, plan breaks in between. Have a proper schedule and stick too it. For every 50 minutes of study time, allow 10 minutes of break. During lunch breaks, allow additional downtime if your child wishes to play or take a nap after his or her meal. The little pockets of free time can help to boost your child’s mood, and give him or her a much-needed break in preparation for the next hour of study.

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