Smart Shopper Scheme

What is the Smart Shopper Scheme?

Smart Shopper Scheme is a special subscription service that allows you to set up recurring deliveries for your order. Each order value must be at least $220. You can select the [Products and Quantity], [Delivery Frequency] and [Delivery Date], and make changes* to your order any time online. We will send you a reminder via email to inform you of the contents of your Smart Shopper order 10 days before delivery. Stay healthy amidst your busy schedule and enjoy big savings at the same time!

What are the payment and delivery methods?

Payment is by Credit Card only. Enjoy free delivery to your stated address for all your Smart Shopper orders!

How can I join the Smart Shopper Scheme?

Add your favorite BRAND’S® products to the shopping cart. Select [Subscribe to Smart Shopper Scheme] and complete the order process. Join now to enjoy great savings and convenience!